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Dropout Fuses

Drop Out Fuse (D.O.F) are fuse carriers of fiber glass tube with heavily tinned non ferrous metal parts at both the ends. The brush type phosphorous bronze contacts provide high pressure multi-line connection, wiping and cleaning action. The drop out fuses are widely used for system protection as a secondary back-up against faults or troubles. Installed at high-voltage side, they are able to provide protection in case the trouble is persistent.

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Sl.No Make dropout fuses
16. 11 KV DROPOUT Fuse 'D type
17. 11 KV DROPOUT Fuse CHANNEL type

Sl.No Make horn gap fuse
21. 11 KV HORN Gap Fuse
22. 22 KV HORN Gap Fuse
23. 33 KV HORN Gap Fuse

Sl.No Spares for dropout fuses available from 22 KV to 33 KV
1. SRBP tube only
2. Fiber Glass tube only
3. SRBP tube with Metal fitting on both ends
4. Fix Top Contact/L Contact
5. Fix bottom Contact

Guaranteed Technical Particulars for 11 KV Drop out Fuse

S. No Particulars Technical Particulars
1. Manufacturer's type / Designation / Installation JBEPL
2. Manufacturer's name and country of manufacture Jaipuria Brothers Electricals Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
3. Standard (s) according to which the relevant standard IS 9385/ (Part I/II)
4. Operating Voltage 11 KV
5. Rated Voltage 12 KV
6. Continuous current 100 A
7. Type of counting As per drawing to be approved
8. Rated frequency 50 Hz
9. Insulation levels As per relevant IS
10.1 One minute Power frequency withstand across isolating distance of fuse base 32 KV
10.2 One minute Power frequency withstand voltage to earth and between poles 28 KV
10.3 Standard Impulse withstand (1.2/50 micro seconds) to earth and between poles (peak) 85 KV
10.4 Standard Impulse voltage across isolating distance of fuse base 75 KV
11. Temperature rise limit (for copper contacts)(deg. C) 25 deg.C
12. Temperature rise for terminals in (deg. C) 40 deg. C
13. Type of fuse / rating Expulsion type, 1.5 A
14. Material of fuse barrel Fibre glass tube 25 mm OD
15. Fuse tube ID 15mm
16. Rated breaking capacity As per relevant IS
17. Fuse base top current carrying part Brass / GM
18. Environmental protection of current carrying part NA
19. Fuse base bottom assembly Brass / GM
20. Fuse carrier top assembly Brass / GM
21. Fuse Carrier bottom assembly As per drawing to be approved
22. Material of spring Phosphor Bronze / SS
23. Material of contacts (incoming) Copper / Glass / Bronze / GM
24. Details of terminal connections (outgoing) Aluminium connector for ACSR Dog conductor
25. Anticorrosive Property (Fe parts) Hot dip Galvanized electroplated
26. Anticorrosive Property (non-ferrous parts) Silver / tin plated
27. Applicable standard IS 9385/ (Part I/II)

33 KV Drop out Fuse

1. Make JBEPL
2. Drawing No. JB-1007
3. Rated Voltage 33 KV
4. Highest System Voltage 36 KV
5. Rated Current 100/200A
6. Minimum Air Clearance between:  
a) Poles 1300mm
b) Live parts and Earth 500mm
7. Mounting position Vertical 22KV
8. 33KV Solid Core/22KV post Insulators shall be fitted & each insulator confirm to following specifications: 33KV 22KV
i) Make * *
ii) No. of unit per insulator stack 1 2
iii) P.C.D 76mm 76mm
iv) Maximum shed diameter 108mm 101 mm
v) Minimum total creepage distance 860mm 430mm
vi) Over all height of the insulator 509mm 254mm
vii) Highest system voltage 36KV 24KV
viii) Tensile strength 5455 Kg 3060 Kg
ix) Torsional strength 115 mkg 70 mkg
x) Compressive strength 7000 Kg 4600 Kg
xi) Flash over voltage (Dry) 145 KV 90 KV
xii) Flash over voltage (Wet) 100KV 60KV
xiii) Dry one minute power frequency withstand voltage 95KV 80KV
xiv) Wet one minute power frequency withstand voltage 80KV 55KV
xv) Weight of the insulator 14.5 Kg 6.1 Kg
xvi) 1.2/50 microsecond wave Impulse voltage 200KV 125KV
9. Weight of D.O. Fuse 110 Kg Approx

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