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Lightning Arrestors

Our lightning arrestors can handle big surges, like lightning, by passing them harmlessly to ground. A lightning rod acts as a cone of protection that has a ground radius approximately, equal to its height above the ground. Lightning arrestors units will reduce problems due to lightning, power surges, and spike to a great extent. This is not a very expensive product but highly recommended for every construction. It eliminates human and property loss.

Why Only Jaipuria Brother's Electrical Pvt. Ltd. Arrestors?

  • Characteristics of metal oxide resistors is such that excellent surge protection is obtained, while the current passed at continuous operating voltages is of approximately 1 map magnitude. This small and continuous current is predominantly capacitive and performs a useful voltages grading function, with negligible wattage dissipation.
  • JBEPL range of surge arrestors consist of a stack of zinc oxide discs encapsulated in heat shrinkable sleeve, arranged in a hermetically sealed porcelain housing, a combination which provides excellent protection characteristics and temporary over voltage capability.
  • Reliability and durability are greatly enhanced by the fact the JBEPL gapless arrestors have no follow current and constitute fewer components. Also, change in voltage distribution,often caused by the contamination of porcelain housing, does not give rise to any problems.
  • Possibility of failure due to moisture ingress is eliminated through proper end sealing.
  • Due to its compact size and minimum weight JEEPL arrestor facilities easy transportation and installation.

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    Guaranteed Technical Particulars for 12 KV Lightning Arrestors

    S. No Particulars Technical Particulars
    1 Name of manufacturer M/s. Jaipuria Brothers Electricals Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
    2 Arrestor class & type Distribution class MMD-12 Single phase
    3 Applicable standard IEC 60099 -4-2001
    4 Rated arrestor voltage 12 KV
    5 Rated frequency 50 Hz
    6 Max. Continuous operating voltage (MCOV) 10 KV rms
    7 Nominal Discharge current with 8/20 micro second wave 10 KA peak
    8 Line discharge class Distribution class
    9 Ratio of switching impulse residual voltage to rated voltage of arrestor 2.5
    10 Minimum energy discharge capability 1 KJ /KV
    11 Max. switching current impulse residual voltage at  
    i) 1000 Amps NA
    ii) 250 Amps. 30.9
    iii) 125 Amps 29.6
    12 Maximum residual voltage with one micro second current wave at  
    i) 10 KA 41 KV peak
    ii) 5 KA 38 KV peak
    13 Max. residual voltage with 8/20 (KV peak) micro second wave.  
    i) 1.5 KA NA
    ii) 5 KA 38 KV peak
    iii) 10 KA 41 KV peak
    iv) 20 KA 52 KV peak
    14 Fault current for one sec. at arrestor location 40 KA rms
    15 Lightning impulse withstand voltage of arrestor housing with 1.2/50 micro second wave 75 KV peak
    16 One minuter power frequency withstand voltage of arrestor housing (dry/wet) (KV rms) 28 KV rms
    17 Partial discharge (pc) at 1.05 times MCOV Less than 50 pc
    18 High current short duration impulse with stand level with 4/10 micro second wave 65 KV peak
    19 Pressure relief current (KA rms) With disconnecter
    20 Over voltage withstand capability -KV
    a) 100 seconds. 12.9 KV
    b) 10 seconds. 12.9 KV
    c) 1 seconds. 13.5 KV
    d) 0.1 seconds. 14.1 KV
    21a) Reference voltage 12 KV rms
    b) Reference current 1 MA
    22a) Numbers of unit per phase and rating of each unit Single
    b) Unit rating of non linear resistors 12 KV rms
    c) Numbers of non linear resistors per unit 3.5
    d) Dimensions of nonlinear resistors disk (height & dia.) 33 mm x 41 mm
    23 Assembling position of the unit (for multi unit arrestors) NA
    24 Minimum total creepage distance (mm) 300 mm
    25 Leakage current (mA) 1 mA
    26 Total weight of arrestor 4.2 Kg. (apprx.)
    27 Maximum cantilever strength of arrestor (including wind load) 5 KN
    28 Overall height of surge arrestor (mm) 388 mm
    29 Maximum distance recommended from equipment be protected by surge arrestor (mm) As per drawing to be approved
    30 Minimum distance between grounded object (mm) As per drawing to be approved
    31 Minimum distance between arrestor phase legs (mm) As per drawing to be approved
    32 Type of arrestor housing (porcelain) Hollow porcelain

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