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Power Aluminium Bolted Type Connectors

Extra high voltage connectors need to maintain their mechanical strength along-with current transfer capabilities that is required by standard connectors. Fabricated from aluminum alloy conforming to leading regulatory standards, we provide a superior range of power connectors (bolted type) for extra high voltage substations. We also provide allied connecting parts in sizes as per requirements.

Jaipuria Brothers is one of the leading manufacture of power connectors for extra high voltage sub-station.
Products are being manufactured under the Keen, Control of technical hands having deep experience of 35 years in the filed Jaipuria Brothers moto is to provide quality products to the customers, it is maintained by adopting test latest techniques of modern engineering design, workmanship and result of our R & D work simultaneously.

Jaipuria Brothers Connectors -

  • Made from aluminum alloy according to IS-617 : 1975 and confirms to IS -5561 1970.
  • Employed bolts, nuts and washer of heavy duty flate section confirms to IS -3063.
  • Parts to be connected with equipment terminals or tubes are machine finished in appropriate & size.

  • Rigid stud type terminal connectors
  • Expansion type stud terminal connectors
  • Rigid PAD type terminal connectors
  • Expansion PAD type terminal connectors
  • 'T' connectors
  • Bus support clamps
  • Grounding connectors
  • Parallel groove clamps
  • Compression type connectors
  • Miscellaneous connectors

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    Hardware for Transmission Line

    S.No. Name of the fittings of ACSR conductor
    (A) Tension hardware Fitting Complete with D- Shackle, Ball Link, U- Bolts and Ball eye Socket
    1. All aluminum conductor
    I. Tarantula : Five U - Bolt Type Clamp
    II. Six U- Bolted Type
    2. ACSR, DEER, Moose, Zebra
    I. Five U-Bolted type 0.4 & 0.5
    3. ACSR Panther Conductor
    I. Five U- Bolted Type
    II. Four U- Bolted Type (Heavy)
    III. Four U- Bolted Type (Light)
    Tension Hardware Fitting Complete with Cross ARM Straps, Ball Eye Socket Ball Eye and U -Bolt
    4. ACSR DOG & RACCON 0.1 & 0.75
    I. Three U- Bolted Type (Heavy)
    II. Three U - Bolted Type (Light)
    III. Four U- Bolted Type (Light)
    B I. Two Bolted Type ( Heavy)
    II. Two Bolted Type (Light)
    III. Two U- Bolted Type (Light) (Weasel ACSR) 3/8" U - Bolt
    5 - (A) 1.11 KV DISC Fitting Ball And Socket Type
    2. 11 KV DISC Fitting t and C Type
    (B) Suspensions Hardware Fittings, Complete with Ball Hook, Socket, U- Bolts, Rivites
    I. AAC Tarantula
    II. ACSR 0.4 and 0.5 Deer, Moose, Zebra
    III. ACSR 0.4 & 0.5 Light
    IV. ACSR 0.2 Panther
    V. ACSR 0.1 & 0.075 Dog & Raccon
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    Note : All above fittings are suitable for 16 mm Ball & Socket type DISC Insulator for fitting required for 20 mm Ball & Socket Type DISC insulator.