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Ever since establishment, we have supplied a wide range of turn key substations to clients all over the world. Quality is your assurance as our turnkey project teams are accredited through the internationally recognized quality assurance standards. The execution of high quality management and engineering systems are strictly implemented in accordance with our internal project manual standards. Our in-house procedures cover the following key management processes:

  • Procurement control
  • Design of substation systems (layouts, single/secondary line diagram, control and protection schematics)
  • Project schedule control
  • Site coordination (civil, installation and building service, etc.) and
  • Commissioning works.

Our upgraded engineering processes and designs have allowed us to meet the specific requirements of our clients, even in very demanding circumstances. The solutions and innovative designs offered by us have the following salient features:

  • Cost reduced solutions for substation design
  • Compact GIS layouts and building/foundation, etc.
  • Modification and upgrade of substation systems
  • Upgrading and modification of GIS Circuit Breakers short circuit rating, etc.
  • Fast track project programs